Thursday, December 10, 2009

The tree isn't up yet...

This picture is from last year.
This year I have a headboard (and footboard and side boards and braces) in my living room waiting to be taken to Chris's new apartment but we have had so much snow that it makes it difficult to deliver and he just moved out.
This year I have a new stove in the middle of the kitchen (not connected). It was just delivered because we are getting new counters (which is fantastic and not so smart) soon but Jeff has had to remove the sides of the area where the stove is supposed to fit and we have to get an electrician in to put in an outlet (the wires were just connected and we didn't know). We haven't had a stove connected since Saturday.
This year most rooms look like a hurricane has come through our house. There are projects in most rooms in progress. I know it's my fault for wanting to fix up a little. Some things are because Chris moved out and is getting married. So it's all good. I just don't know what I was thinking!
I am painting a dresser that was in Chris's room (but needs to be a different color) for Chris and Amanda and it is set up downstairs. It may take three coats of paint. It will look great once it's done.
Nine days till Chris gets married. Fifteen more days till Christmas. Luckily it's 23 more days till the open house. Everything has to get done. It will look great when it's over! I am almost beginning to panic.
This year we do not have the tree up yet.

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