Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finished another pillow....

Here are the different patterns I made.
Here is the finished pillow.
I know now that I would move the wording on the bottom of the pillow a little higher (if I re-did it---I'm going to make another one but with the new pattern).
Live and learn!
It was sunny by the window seat. Addie was having a nap.
I wrote about the green flower pillow here...you can get a free pattern!
How cute is she! She did this a couple of times. Too sunny? Or camera shy?


Youngish said...

Lovely pillow, and your doggie is so cute! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for entering my giveaway:)

Annie Tangerine said...

Addie is ADORABLE. I LOVE your pillow too. It turned out really great!