Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes a girl gets what she wants...

So, Saturday my blog had an Ode to Ikea. With a Haiku and everything!
I've been thinking about these chairs.
Saturday Jeff asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I'd like to play at Ikea. So we went because he pretty much does whatever I want.

We went to look at the chairs. I really had every intention of just looking. I grappled with the fact that these chairs are $139! I know there are much more expensive chairs out there but I didn't want to spend hardly anything.
Davis does not like Ikea when it is busy and Saturday Ikea was very busy.
We tried so many other chairs too. I felt like Goldilocks.
I then thought of cheaper chairs. Then I thought if I don't get these white chairs will I kick myself for years because I wanted those funky white chairs from Ikea.
Jeff said, "What if we bought one chair a month for the next little while?" That was all I needed.
So we went downstairs to get our one chair and the sign said it was $89! It was like angels were singing and everything!
We looked at each other and Jeff said, "You want to get three now don't you..." Well, I really did but I said we could get only one, I'd be ok with it. But the fact is that if next month the price is up again then we would be out that much more money. So, we got three chairs!
I have been loving the contrast between farmhouse tables and modern chairs. Although, we also have a funky green bench. It'll do.
I do love them.
No eating out for ages! I'll try to be a good girl. Really, I will!

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