Friday, February 5, 2010

Head shots.

How cute is Britni.
She took her own head shots because she is soon attending an acting or theater conference (which by the way--she won or earned the chance to go--as a freshman--she is now a sophomore). She needed some new head shots.
How cute is her husband.
They met because they were in a play together. She got special permission for him to be in a scene with her for the conference. She didn't want to kiss or spend too much time with any other guy. She is a thoughtful girl.
Adam is a good actor, especially in purple stretchy pants.
Britni is working on a monologue too. She is an amazing actress. I love to see her on stage, actually, I just love seeing her anywhere!

How I miss this girl!
How blue are these eyes!
They are coming up to their 7 month anniversary. They are so busy with school, work, church and life. It makes me very happy. I love the fact that they have parties and have people over for games and dinner or dessert. I love the fact that they play fun games together, they work out together and attend the temple together. I love the fact that she makes him ask her on dates. I love the fact that she does kind things for other people.  I know I don't know most of what she does. But a while ago she told me she was going over to a friends house who broke her arms in a car accident and she would go and help her change the diaper of her baby. How wonderful is that!

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