Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sewing a quilt.

Did you know you can go to Deseret Industries and pick up supplies to make a quilt (all you have to do is buy the batting) and then take it back and then they send it to somewhere in the world where someone really, really needs a blanket?

I have only made one quilt in my life.
I was really, really nervous to pick this quilt up but I really, really wanted to make one for someone who could use it.
I asked a friend how to put it together so I could sew it. I looked on-line for the how-to tie a quilt (I have helped people tie a quilt many times before).
I did not piece the quilt together. I only sewed the whole thing together. I only picked out the color of the yarn. I only started tying the quilt.

Yes, you can.

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