Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good news and bad news.

Remember this amazing door knob 
from Sheyla's cute apartment?
Yeah, me too.

What a crazy week!

If I had time to cry,
I would!
If I had time to explain,
 I would!

On the bright side:
The house is looking fabulous
but why do I pick such 
times to work on crazy projects.
The painting is almost done.

 Good news:
Davis's appointment went well.
He doesn't have to wear his neck brace
as much. 
Only when his head gets tired
(I don't know if he'll ever admit to that again).
He can't run or jump,
but he can ride a bike.
No jumps.
No dirt.
No tricks.
I don't think that doctor
realizes where we live
(although I tried to explain).
No PE till January
and he's hoping he
can snow board in February.

Give me strength!

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