Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Panning practice.

It's his birthday this week
and all he wants to do is go 
gold panning.
We have it all planned.
He is so excited that he has invited
as much family
as he can get away with
(we alternate birthday parties
every year 
with family and friend
He is so excited that he calls family every day to talk 
about the panning for gold/picnic birthday party.
Not your average 17 year old birthday party.
He's not your average kid.
He's been so limited in what he can do
for so long
that all he 
wanted to do for Labor Day break
was to go
gold panning.
We talked to the doctors about gold panning
and they said for him to
wear his neck brace if he goes panning.
He already has to wear it in the car.
He is so happy when he can take that thing off.
The other night he was able to sleep
on a pillow for the first time in over a month
and he just sunk into that pillow,
closed his eyes
and smiled.
He was one happy gold panner yesterday.
So happy.
Even if he didn't find any gold.

A pretty great day.

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