Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Davis has been so excited about his birthday.
We have been talking about his birthday for weeks
(really, months and months).
We've talked and talked about our gold panning trip on Saturday.
We've talked and talked about who is coming
and what we are doing to celebrate his birthday.
We've talked and talked about presents.
We've talked about the day he was born
and even the time of day he was born.

I went in the classroom with Davis today
 and presented two boxes of donuts
in celebration of his birthday.
His teacher knew it was his birthday today
(of course he's talked and talked
to her about it too).
As soon as we walked in,
she said,
"Happy Birthday Davis!
How does it feel to be
one year older
and one year wiser?"
He quickly replied,
"It's not
9:30 yet."

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

Cheryl! How exciting to see Davis up and about and to be celebrating his birthday. I have missed catching up on so many posts...I was thrilled to see your comment today!

Best wishes to you all!

Jeanne xx

PS.. Davis is a too!