Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's up with you?

These pictures were taken at Anthropologie.
I love that store.
Amazing little trinkets.
Dreamy smells.
Beautiful clothes.
Interesting displays.
Beautiful housewares and other kinds of stuff.
But very, very expensive.
I have never bought anything from that store.
Oh, but I would love too.
I was smitten by this little structure.
It's made out of wood pallets,
long pieces of wood
and old windows.
I want one in my side yard.
It's adorable.

We strolled the outside mall,
after I picked up Sheyla,
and checked out a few stores.
Soaking in the sun and sights.

Now, for the rest of the story.

I went up to the city to pick up Sheyla.
Sheyla had been sitting out on her porch at 7:00 am.
and then she walked to Temple Square
and a nearby store 
to wait for me
to pick her up.
Her room-mate had gotten very mad at her
(Sheyla asked her not to have alchohol 
on our table the other day).
Last night this room-mate had a party
with some of her friends
and had lots of alchohol.
She got very drunk.
While Sheyla was holed up in her room,
this room-mate told some of her friends that she 
was going to 
kill Sheyla.

That's right.

This room-mate 
also went into the room several times 
to get to their bathroom
(or just to yell at Sheyla)
and on the way
berated Sheyla
by calling her
an F.....B......
to her face.
I called the police
but he said that there
is nothing they can do about it.
Other than us getting her out of there.
Then the room-mate called a friend 
at 2:30 am
and complained and complained
about Sheyla,
while Sheyla was trying to sleep
in the bed
just a few feet away.
Sheyla didn't sleep at all last night.
She was scared to go to sleep.
Oh, it's a long, long story
and it's not over yet.


Anonymous said...

wow, no affence but thats bs cuz i took law enforcement and i know what they can and cant do. so they probebly just didnt want to do anything when they could have. im sorry i hope things get better

Anonymous said...

bs to the police couldent do anything part. just in case that wasnt clear i belive the story