Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Desk and danger.

This is one of my favorite antique shop finds.
It was in Sheyla's cute apartment.
We just put it in the sun room
(this room needs the windows clean 
like no other room
in the history 
of dirty windows
but the ground is about 15 feet below).
The room-mate fiasco is never ending.
The girl denies that she threatened Sheyla
with her life.
Even though she was drunk 
and she called her some horrid 
swear word names
and complained about her at 2:30
in the morning
on the phone 
while just a few feet away.
No matter.
Sheyla felt threatened.
I'm not arguing semantics.
The whole situation blew up 
to gigantic proportions.
Sheyla is partly to blame 
for some things
but this other girl
is not being reasonable,
at all,
and is scary
(I had my own encounter 
with her 
on Saturday
and it wasn't fun).
I believe in working
differences out
but not at the peril
of your life
or your soul.
We did the right thing to
rescue Sheyla.
I just hope 
things turn out 
all right.

What's that saying?
It will be all right 
in the end.
If it's not all right.
It's not the end.

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