Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New chairs. Again.

 I love these Ikea chairs.
 So much so, that I bought four
(a year and two months ago)
and moved our house around and around.
 We moved this table back into here 
and put these chairs with this table
because the white chairs were too big for this table.
 We moved them into this room with this table.
I liked it all
but my husband cursed those white chairs
every single time he stubbed his toes.
And he stubbed them often on those 
funky white chairs.
These are the new funky industrial chic chairs in our home.
Thinking only of my husbands well being
(wink. wink.)
I told him that there may be some new chairs
that I'd like to order and replace 
those funky white chairs
in the kitchen with the new ones 
and put back the original chairs with the vintage table
and get rid of the white funky chairs
(Really it all makes sense in my head).
He immediately paid for those new chairs
via pay pal
not long ago
and today they were delivered!
These are pretty cool chairs.
I love the mix of country table 
with funky industrial chic
(I've seen them so many different places
but this was the best price. On sale).
I think they will be kinder on my husbands toes.
Here are a few (of many) 
amazing and cool places 
you can see them.
I'll have to wait to post pictures
of the other table.
We have a mattress and tv
in the main room
because of the wheelchair
and recovery stage.
And most everything is a big mess
but he's able to get around quite well
and has most things at his fingertips.
It just doesn't make for great photos.

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