Friday, March 30, 2012

Finished Project #9, Two Painted Doors.

 The door was dark brown.
I like it lightened up.
That cute chair
(the one I got at a vintage shop for $20
or was it $25
or was it $30?)
we had to throw away because of the flood in our basement.
 Cute chair by Pier 1.
Phone by Hello Kitty!
 This is only part of my mosaic wall.
I like this little door lightened up, as well.
I'm still not finished with the wall
but it'll happen, eventually.
I really want to work on more projects,
make things,
finish things
and be more creative
but it's been a tough couple of months
and this is all I could muster this week.
It'll do.

Here are some other things I loved this week:
Delicate and intricate paper cutting times infinity.
I wish I had an Aunt Peaches.
April Fool shenanigans.
Something about lots of white
appeals to me.

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Kim K. said...

Well done. Love the transformation. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.