Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Jeff's Birthday was yesterday.
We decided we would drive to the most southern tip of the island.
It so happens to be called South Point.
It's spectacular with its expanse of fields and meadows.
Wind blown bent over trees dot the landscape.
Giant windmills line up in three rows.
The first row is rusted and not moving.
The last row is blowing in the wind 
like little colorful plastic pinwheels.
We explored the cliffs near the ocean
and marveled at the power of the ocean as it
shot sprays of crystal clear water high in the air
and watched the level of the water change nearly 10 feet
against the sides of the massive black rock.
We learned that this place likely 
was the site of the first Hawaiian arrival on the island.
We talked about the many rock walls that crisscross the area
that were made hundreds of years ago.

We had an adventure for Jeff's birthday
and ended up at Bubba Gumps Restaurant for dinner
with the best views possible.
Loved it all!

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Kim K. said...

Sigh...it is quite heavenly. Someday I want a tropical vacation. I hope your husband is feeling better. Your pics are absolutely beautiful. They almost don't even seem real.