Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring.

 I took these photos yesterday.
We had a skiff of snow in the morning.
I saw that shiny red shovel,
that white top of the mountains,
that ever green of those towering trees,
that scuffed yellow bench 
and that deep blue sky
and it seemed like magic to me.

I wanted that little red outbuilding
 to show up more in the picture
because it looked a lot bigger to me
in real life.

I love LOVE Spring.
I love the longer days.
I love the green as it gets bolder and brighter.
I love finding new blossoms around the garden
(no blossoms yet
 but I found a clump of green leaves from a daffodil plant).
I love all the color
or at least knowing there soon will be color.
I love that it gets warmer
and the sun teases us to take off our jackets.
I love seeing little baby animals in fields 
and I especially love when they kick up their heels,
joyfully run and try to play tag.
I love everything about Spring,
even the snow
because I know it will soon melt
and I can once again see earth,
 new grass and budding plants.

LOVED this too. 
Gah! Love that first picture.
Must. Paint. Walls. White.
Just kidding.
I've only recently fallen in love
with the word and passion of
Double Gah!
Okay. Enough of that!
A is also for Adorable and Awesome.
If you look at only one thing.
Look at THIS!
But wait! There's more!
LOVED this. And this. And this too.
This was so beautiful, touching, and poignant
that it almost brought tears to my eyes.
Carry on.

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Kim K. said...

Your views are always breathtaking. I love your yellow bench. Swoon.