Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exploring Kona and a Near Setting Sun.

We decided to explore Kona today and not do as much today
but we did plenty and enjoyed every moment of it
(well, at least I did. Jeff isn't feeling well and 
Davis is trying so hard to enjoy this trip.
It has been so hard for him).
Davis wanted to go snorkeling
and so we did.
Jeff watched and Davis and I ventured out
and saw so many colorful fish
(and a puffer fish!).
Well, as soon as Davis saw that puffer fish
he swam quickly away.
He came back and tried again
but I think it spooked him
and he soon became claustrophobic
and couldn't continue.
He hung out with Jeff and I frolicked with the fish a little longer.
We later came back to the hotel and Davis and I
swam and swam in the pool,
rested in the room and went to dinner just the two of us.
Hopefully, Jeff feels better tomorrow.

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