Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Educating Little Miss Sunshine or the other way around.

 She was pulling toys out of the box like her life depended on it.
I was just watching her.
She suddenly turned to me
and this is the look she gave me!
 She loves that marble game.
She was calling the marbles rocks and
Grandpa was trying to teach her to say "marble".
But in her own adorable way.
 We babysat for a few hours on Saturday.
We took her to Sam's Club
(which is about 25 minutes away).
She talked and talked
(her toddler baby babble)
almost the whole way home.
It was so adorable!
We went to walk the mall last night.
I saw these shoes from the corner of my eye
and I just couldn't resist them.
Perfect for Little Miss Sunshine.
Luckily, they were buy one, get the 2nd, 50% off.

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Those little shoes are just precious. I miss Josie's toddler feet. Such a cutie.