Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finished Project #11. Chalkboard Wall.

 Years ago, I painted this half wall with chalkboard paint.
I had seen it every where and wanted it in my own home.
 I loved it so much, I painted it in this room too.

 I always wanted a whole wall
 in the kitchen or living room to paint with chalkboard paint
but we have mostly walls with windows, wainscoting or chair rails.
My Artist Studio has two full walls
(ok. If you are just stumbling onto my blog,
you wouldn't know that I say that in a wishing sort of way
and mostly with dreams swirling and ricocheting
 in my mommy fogged up brain--
which I half way fear is early dementia,
by the way).
I do not consider myself an artist.
But, in this extra room in our house
that I can call my very own
(that has no windows
and once was used as a canning kitchen
by the previous and very first owners),
 I will craft many things
(and not always well)
but I also want to create and pretend to be the simple artist
that's in my heart and in my scattered and rattled brain.
So, I painted one wall,
in that room of mine,
 with chalkboard paint
(because I can
 and I had left over paint
which means it was basically free).

It'll do!

Here are some amazing examples of chalkboard paint in homes.
There are so many, many more examples
all over internet land.
Go see for yourself
and get painting!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Josie and I will be right over with new chalk. If I hadn't filled up every inch of wall in my craft room with "collections", a chalk wall would be so much fun. Aren't you have fun plotting your studio! A special room to call your very own is good for the soul! Hugs!