Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finished Project #14. Decoupaged Rhinoceros Head.

Remember when I painted this?
A friend had given it to me
because her daughter didn't want it anymore.
So I took it.
It was black and a few other colors.
It was free
and I thought I could do something with it!
I spray painted it.
I wasn't so happy with how it turned out.
  I decided to decoupage it with some paper.
I like the graphic quality of print.
I had a free magazine,
Edible Wasatch,
 from an amazing restaurant
I love the paper in that magazine.
I've used it before here.

I don't know if I like it or not.
 I didn't know if I should be proud of myself or what
 when I finished it on Monday
and then on Tuesday I was looking at a bunch of blogs
and low and behold look what I saw!
I love that room AND artist,
by the way.
I couldn't believe it
(they got their Rhino head from Anthropologie)
I may just have to try to find a cute oval frame like that!
Back at the Studio.
I have been thinking of having my own inspiration
board in between the two closet doors in my "Studio".
Somehow I need to get my dad to help me
make a 5 1/2 foot inspiration board.
Yesterday I thought I could just paint
an old picture that I already had
(I like the frame)
with some left over paint
and use that for now.
So I did.
It will do.
For now.

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Kim K. said...

He's just fabulous. Well done. A perfect guest to keep you company.