Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost ready!

I've wrapped a few presents already!
Usually we are up till very late on Christmas Eve.
Not the smartest thing we do.
My oldest sister made that Santa years ago.
How cute is that!
I cleaned some today too.
But only some.
I really need to vacuum.
There are leaf pieces on the floor.
How did that get there?
You can not believe how gross the floors get in my house!

Davis made that amazing bird house.
It will go outside when there is no snow on the ground.
In the Spring.

Those are some of the jars of bath salts
ready to deliver and give out.
I have been just thinking
how weird it is that I made bath salts
(I am giving out store bought cookie dough
to families of the little kids I teach at church
and the ones I will teach next year.
Although, I still have a lot to deliver!
The note says,
"Everyone can use some 
at Christmas time!
I know.
Very clever!
It's not my idea
It's not the first year I've done that.
So NOT so clever!).
 We only put up about a third of our ornaments.
I'm going for simple.
The more I put up the more I have to put away.

One of Jeff's Great Aunts 
made us a sweet nativity when we were first married.
Love it.

Those dogs follow me most everywhere.
Love them!

First time in a month 
that you can see the top of the table!
Got a little more help with the snowflakes.
Not done yet.
I kept the decorations very simple this year.
Less stress for me.
And that's not a bad thing!
Lots of messes elsewhere in the house
so don't you think it's this clean
every where.
There is a vacuum right next to the table
ready to tempt or taunt me.
I've been working on being ready for "the big day"
and the days before and after
(one married couple is staying with us for the next couple of nights
which makes me so happy).

I'm going to tell you something so shocking 
that you may not even be able to believe it.
I am done with my grocery shopping!

Last year I shopped Christmas Eve 15 minutes before the store closed.
In my defense,
we went out of state for our son's wedding
just a few days before
and I didn't think the store would close so early.
Silly and stupid of me!

The lighting is a little funky in the photos
because I took these pictures at night
just a little while ago.
 The house wasn't ready earlier and won't be ready again tomorrow
or the next day or the day after that
or the day after that
etc. etc. etc.

So it goes without saying,
I'm not posting tomorrow.
I said it anyway.

Merry Christmas!
Hoping your holidays are simple and sweet!

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Kim K. said...

Your dough note is very clever and your decorations are splendid...especially the snowflakes. Merry Christmas!