Friday, December 31, 2010

Continued Year in Snippets of Pictures...Part 2.

August was beautiful and we were grateful for every day.
Davis was getting better and better every day.
Davis was able to start school even though he went part time for months.
This is what I made for Davis.
Grateful for September.
Davis was very obsessed with gold panning.

Finally got serious about finishing painting!
October was a very full month! Sheyla moves back home (crazy room mate situation).
Davis and no neck brace!
Jeff had a long needed reconstruction surgery on his ankle.
10/20/2010 Little Miss Sunshine appears! Grand baby extraordinaire!
Had time to make a felt pillow with the help of Martha (mouse pattern).
November 3rd. Two weeks old and home!
Sweet baby makes every one happy!
Breathtaking moments.
Blizzard of 2010 fizzles.
December 1st. 6 weeks old!
Lots of snow in December!
Christmas and life take over much of December.
There were some great moments
and some not so great moments
this year
(enough to frequently take my breath away)!
I'm just glad it's over
 and we all made it through the year!
  Here's to a great new year for all of us!
Happy New Year!


Kim K. said...

Happy New Year! May 2011 be filled with more great moments!

my very own self said...

Those were fun posts:) Some of those pictures felt so recent, it was bizarre to think they were months ago!

also, I wanted to give you the link to the page I found my bouquet:) (This one is of the colors I want: black and cream and I also like how all the flowers are different.)
(I like how big this one is and the pretty broaches. I think I want about 25-30 flowers...)

And great news! We went to that antique store you told my mom about--What a gem! The lady was sooo nice and we found like 10 broaches for less than $30! I'm sooo excited to show them to you! Now I'm on the lookout for wool stuff at DI!