Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 more days till Christmas...

1. Christmas comes the same time every year 
and it seems to catch me by surprise every single time.
I have tons of shopping still.
Can I say next year I'll do better?
It's highly probable I won't.
But I may try this time.
2. I'm lucky to have my tree up.
3. I finally got my sisters box of Christmas gifts 
to the post office today.
I wanted to make something for each person
but I won't beat myself up 
because I did make Melissa some beautiful presents
and one surprise.
4. We chose Monday night to go see Christmas lights
(last year we went ON Christmas day
which we learned was a mistake).
I didn't even bring a camera
but I had so much fun with those that came.
I sang Santa Baby
about 50 times
because I can't remember 
any of the words to that song.
All our kids and spouses
and adorable granddaughter
and one set of grandparents
went with us to dinner
on the way up to Salt Lake City
at Noodles & Co.
5. I don't have enough time, creativity, or energy
to do all the things I'd like to.
Too bad.
6. I love Christmas music 
but not 24/7.
7.  I really really don't like living in snow
and I plowed and shoveled the driveway today.
I told myself it was my exercise today 
and that made it better
and the fact that I had a cute hat on.
8.  Jeff is the most patient husband.
9. Christmas will come and go 
whether I have all my
ducks in a row
or not
and I want myself AND my family
to love it any way.
10. Christ is the reason for the season.
I just had to remind myself.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl! Your package is here! :)