Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow day!

First time in ten years that we had an official snow day!
However, it's not the most snow we've ever had
but a fun 
(I'm telling myself this)
start to Christmas break.
We had seven pretty gift boxes 
for teachers, aides and the bus driver.
Davis picked out each flower
(that I made)
and a pretty box with a shiny bow for each person.
He wanted the most colorful
one for his sweet teacher.
They will just have to wait till after New Years.
Why didn't I just send them early?
1. I wasn't done yet.
2. I don't always plan well.
Oh, well.
Davis is itching to go snowboarding and sledding.
He is not cleared yet for that type of activity
(Neurologist appointment beginning of January).
Although, the other day he told us
that he went snowboarding.
By himself.
He was instantly grounded.
We almost had heart attacks.
I pictured him paralyzed in the snow
and told him so
(dramatically for effect).
We can tell him things
many times 
and he acts as if he's never heard us tell him
(not so unlike most teenagers).
Snow days.
I dream of blue skies, 
the beautiful rays of the sun
and warm

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