Thursday, December 16, 2010

8 weeks old. Yesterday. Absolutely Precious!

This sweet ones Cute Mama went and got some new clothes.
She is oh so stylish
and these boots were made for walking.
Baby walking in the air.
I love everything about this little one.
I love how she tries to talk and makes the sweetest noises.
I love how she sticks out her tongue.
I love how she makes a pirate face.
I love how she occasionally sounds like she is complaining 
or how she sometimes sounds like she has
a dramatic fake cry.
I love how her face gets all worked up 
before she does cry.
I love how she loves to snuggle in the 
crook of my left arm and then
she sucks and sucks on her pacifier.
Like I said.
I love everything about her!

1 comment:

PaigeE said...

Such chubby little cheeks!