Thursday, December 30, 2010

A snippet of our year in pictures OR it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

January 2nd we had an Open House at our house for this cute couple (married on Dec. 19th in Logan and reception in Idaho).

In January we were lucky enough to go to Costa Rica to celebrate our 24th Wedding Anniversary!
In February I worked on pillows. Lots of pillows.
I worked on the house a lot.
In March I finally got to see Zuri. The cutest baby elephant. Ever!
Sheyla and I went to Disneyland (instead of her getting married the next week). Happy/sad.

Britni took amazing family pictures.
In April we went to Bryce Canyon.
I worked on my house some more.
In May, we got the cutest Toy Poodle that we named Frodo.
Sheyla moved up to Salt Lake City.
We went gold panning.
In June we missed these two cute kids and Chris while they worked and worked.
Worked on more crafts.
In July, we had one of our Nephews for a week. We went to the Grotto and other fun stuff.
July 26th Davis had a horrible bike accident.
That's a little more than half of the year.
The rest tomorrow.


Brandi said...

You had a busy year! Or well, half of the year! :) Hope the second half was better than some of those crazy things that happened in your family!

Kim K. said...

Whew! Those are some amazing pictures. Crafting pictures are always a favorite but that last one of Davis is griping. Can't wait to see the next six months.

Cheryl G. said...

It was a busy year!
Thanks for reading and commenting!