Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii.

This is a the cool.

This picture is from just beyond our hotel (which is not on the east side of the island).
Can you believe that all these pictures were taken with my iPhone?

For a few years we have gone somewhere around January
for our anniversary
(this year was our 26th).
This year has been a little different.
Jeff really wanted to go to the big island of Hawaii
but we had to wait just a little.
I've really wanted some new carpet upstairs
(the carpet may be the original carpet
of our 30 year old home but I am 
so ok with waiting a little longer
if it means that we get to go to Hawaii).
We had plans (for months) for grandparents and a sister 
to be with Davis.
This has worked in the past
but this time Davis hasn't been doing well.
A week and a half ago we were so worried
about leaving him because he has been so close 
to hospitalization that we felt that he would do better 
with us than without us.
On Monday I got a call saying Davis couldn't see out of his right eye.
I took him to the ER because if something was really wrong 
I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.
He had a CT scan of the head and a thorough eye exam
that showed only a need for a pair of prescription glasses.
His amazing Psychiatrist had called us to check on him
and tell us some changes to his medications for the trip.
(she gave me her personal cell number 
so that I could text her or call her
if Davis wasn't doing well. 
In the last few weeks we have been 
in contact way too many times.
On Monday I let her know how Davis was doing).
So with us he is
and we are hoping for healing and relaxation.
We got here late yesterday.
Today we drove to the east side of the island
and explored a little.
So beautiful!


Britni Wing said...

Absolutely beautiful! I am so jealous!

Kim K. said...

Enjoy yourselves. Your pictures are just breath taking. I'll be anxious to see more.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are beautiful and unreal! iPhone?? And I bet it was better in person!

I'm so happy you got to go and I am hoping for rest and relaxation for all three of you!! You so deserve it!

Love,Melissa (the far away one)