Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finished Project #4. Christmas Origami.

 Yes. You read that correctly. 
I have been wanting to make that beautiful ball of recycled paper
ever since I saw it in December
(which was only last month).
I finally got around to it.
I was thinking it could be a Valentine's Day Origami Ball.
 This is absolutely beautiful but it takes FOR. EV. ER.
I'm not sure the exact minutes but I'd guess close to 4 hours over all.
I am now faster at making the sections, however.
So, if I ever make another it will go by faster.
I didn't spend any money
(which makes me happy)
but I will have to buy new glue sticks soon.
Look at her beautiful nails.
I got the free magazine
at the ever delicious, dream worthy, Pizzeria 712.
The paper is not the shiny kind in most magazines.
It's a great, beautiful and also dream worthy magazine.
I thought it'd be perfect for some kind of recycled project.
 I think it's beautiful but now, where do I put it?
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Kim K. said...

You have amazing patience. That is a truly beautiful creation. Gorgeous macro pictures too.