Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FHE and animal instinct.

Last night for Family Home Evening. Jeff, Davis and I went to Mongolian BBQ Grill in Springville. Yum! We strolled the aisles and shopped at Walmart. Then we got me some yummy frozen yogurt at a new self serve place in Spanish Fork. No one else wanted any. Not the best FHE but it worked for us !
I know it's not good to test animal instincts. Sunny sometimes will fly around upstairs. She landed on the back of the window seat. The cat was close by and jumped up to see her even closer. This isn't the first time that Ellie, the cat has been this close to Sunny, the bird.
Ellie has brought us birds, in her mouth, alive (one was already dead---because the bird had flown into a window) and dropped them into our hands. She has brought us birds from outside too. We think she knows we have birds as pets and doesn't hurt them. She's fascinated by them and loves to watch them. She just doesn't eat them.

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