Friday, September 11, 2009

Owners found and things that make me happy.

I found the owners of "Kitty" after calling many of my neighbors. They have several little girls and they were super happy to have him back. Even though he was very sweet and loving, I cannot imagine how we could handle one more animal!

Here is a list of things that make me happy:
The beauty of where I live.
Even though the leaves are changing (and it IS very beautiful when they do), it won't snow for another month (it is the NO snow and the beauty of the fall, that makes me happy).
A husband that adores me even if I get ornery (at least I feel that he still adores me, I could be very wrong about the even if...part).
Knowing that my newly married daughter is blissfully happy.
Getting a great letter from my missionary daughter who has struggled for a long time.
Sitting on the same couch as my young son and talking about the randomness of a magazine.
Thinking about my husband coming home from work.
My older son doing his own laundry and putting his own things away (this doesn't happen often enough but it makes me very happy when it does).
Being able to make changes in my own house; like painting a wall or getting a new quilt.
Learning something new. Although, it makes me happy if I can remember things, like someones name, or where I put the car or the keys!

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