Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The sky was the best thing.

Saturday we went to the BYU game. There were SO MANY people there for the kickoff! The stadium was abuzz with excitement. The sky was so blue with just enough clouds.
BTW: I DID buy a new usb cable from Radio Shack. I even put 2 labels with our name (Mr. and Mrs. labels from wedding invitations) on it. It is mine. It is mine.
It's silly that someone made a sign "win it for Swayze".
I watched Dirty Dancing on Sunday night. He WAS dreamy. I remember that my oldest sister was CRAZY about him and I think that was when she was first married too. It always made me smile.
BYU was playing terribly. Jeff had been so excited to attend the whole game. He wanted to leave early.
The sky was SO beautiful on the walk to the parking lot at the beginning of the fourth quarter. It really took my breath away.
BYU lost terribly 54-28.

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