Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Julie & Julia and me.

All summer I've been wanting to go see a movie. School started a couple of weeks ago and I've been so busy. I planned for several days to go yesterday. Even if I had to go by myself.
So, I went by myself. I don't really mind. Really. It feels like a treat for me. My youngest son doesn't even like many movies himself and since he is almost always with us, we can't see many movies. My husband prefers not to see chick flicks. Oh, he will go if I ask and occasionally he even enjoys them. But this one movie I knew I was on my own. I just had to get on my own and go.
I'm so glad I did. I saw Julie & Julia yesterday. I have heard good and bad reviews about this movie. Bad reviews don't always sway me from seeing a movie or from even liking a movie.
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I was thoroughly entertained and that's why I like going to the movies.
What I really liked about the movie was the zest for life that Julia Child possessed and showed (who was brilliantly played by Meryl Streep--wow, she is amazing)! I also liked the fact that Julie went out of her comfort zone and tried something new and did so with gusto and guts. Blogging about cooking and life. Smart. I wish I could cook like that. I loved Julie and her husband. I wish I didn't hear from someone that since the book, Julie, the real Julie, has had an affair. I don't know what that means for them. I hope it isn't even true. It just makes me sad.
I loved the fact that Julia Child was so in love with her husband! I loved how much she loved life! I loved how much fun she had with pretty much anything. I want to be just like that.
I LOVED what Julia Child said about her husband, "You are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life"!
I feel that way about Jeff.

I talked with one of my sisters on the way to the mall. When I was getting out of my truck I told her I was on my way to see a movie. She acted so surprised to hear that I was going by MYSELF. She said that she had never even thought of going during the day by herself. She is 49 years old. It really surprises me. And it makes me a little sad for her.
I do remember the year that I started going by myself. The year I was 27. Jeff had just graduated from college and got a great job with Price Waterhouse and TRAVELED. He was only home every OTHER weekend for ten months. It was brutal. I had three very small kids (and ended up getting pregnant that year). I HAD to get a babysitter every week (other than the one day a week that I worked as a nurse). It was one of my only holds to some sense of sanity. I often went to the movies on my night out. If I couldn't find someone to go with me, I went by myself. It was one of the things that saved me that year and since then, I don't mind going to the movies by myself (I enjoy and prefer going with someone else but it won't stop me from going if I can't find someone).
You really should try it.

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