Friday, June 25, 2010


1. I took this picture!
With my point and shoot.
And photoshopped it just with i-photo.
I'm quite pleased with myself.
So, I had to post it again.
It would be nice to have an SLR camera
and real photoshop or something like it.
I will have to wait.
It's ok.
2. I've been up to SLC three times already this week.
3. I'm making my third lovely felt flower.
4. I found 4 sweaters at DI
(One was $5 and the rest were $4!)
Two are 100% Cashmere 
and one is
85% silk with 15% cashmere
and one with
50% lambs wool
with 50% angora.
All of them dreamy.
I washed them in very hot water
to felt them (or something like it).
They will make the
most beautiful flowers!
5. Davis was supposed to go away
to a youth activity
with his Dad tonight but couldn't.
Jeff still had to go
because he is a leader.
Davis made a bow
with a tree branch,
string and duct tape.
He's very creative
and very pleased with himself,
as he should be.
6. I did 100 sit ups tonight, 
Not 1500 but it's a start.
7.  Having a hard time
going to sleep.


Jeanne said...

Cheryl...I love your picture and your list! I didn't know you could photoshop in iphone. I am going to look into that! It takes pretty good photos. If they look what you have just done, you will be fine with an iphone. Now I have to look at the beautiful blue flower just below :)


Cheryl G. said...

I have a cheap Panasonic digital camera. My husband is the one with the i-phone.
I used my i-Photo on my Mac computer to make a couple of changes (it doesn't do a lot of creative changes but enough to play).
My daughters and husband have taught me everything I know (although, I also experiment with the computer too---even a blind squirrel gets nuts sometimes).
I don't know a lot because my mind is like a sieve and the kids are not around as much and can't teach and re-teach me.
: )