Wednesday, June 30, 2010

making a pattern/pretty fabric/free movie tickets

I made my first pattern and I'm working on a second.
I used a flower and traced it.
I also enlarged a pattern 
from the amazing 
Scandinavian Needlecraft book
that I'm going to use 
to make a darling pillow.
I had a $20 credit at a fabric store.
I bought all this fabric
and  some sweet pink thread
and I only had to pay
So lots and lots of projects.
I won't get much done today.
I'm going to lunch with a friend
and later Jeff, Davis and I
 are seeing the new
(it's not that I'm a major fan
but we managed to get 
three free tickets
from our insurance guy
and I didn't have to camp out
and sleep on concrete)!
Is it really June 30th?
A shout out to the emancipation of my Alaska girl!
Hip hip hoorah!

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