Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tile + work = aching back and bruised gluteus maximus means I need more exercise!

This is from last week.
Stormy and cold.
But beautiful.
Hard to believe it's already the middle of June.
Almost officially summer.

I helped my dad tile
on Friday and Saturday.
Hard hard work.
I can't believe how sore
I've been. 
And I mean very SORE!
Today I'm doing better.
I helped a little more today.
I may be ready to 
tile our own house.
With Jeff's help 
(he's helped them alot).
We've both learned
a ton about tiling.
I knew my hours
and hours of 
watching HGTV 
was good for something!
By the Way:
My dad is 72
and work horse
doesn't even begin
to describe how
hard he works.
He has worked
so hard
getting everything
ready to tile, cutting tile
and tiling.
He also lifts 50 + pound
buckets through his house.
He's stooped over by
the end of the day
but he says
he's perfect when he wakes up
in the morning.

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