Monday, June 28, 2010

How to hug a moose.

It always makes me sad to see real stuffed animals.
We went to a sports store in Provo
and as we were walking down the isle 
I said, "Poor Mr. Timber Wolf" as we passed
a majestic looking Timber Wolf.

There was probably about one hundred
(well, maybe 50) dead animals
over all the walls and on some of the display shelves.
Sad, gruesome and horrifying.

Davis's new obsession is bows and arrows.
Someone gave Davis a compound bow last night
(his homemade bows didn't work well)
and he is so excited to shoot some arrows.
So we went and bought six arrows.
They will NOT be used for animals.
We plan on buying bales of hay.

Right above the checkout counter
was this poor guy.
An Alaskan Moose.
I thought of Britni,
my Alaska girl,
and had to take a picture.

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