Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dreaming of french iron beds.

I have seen adorable french iron beds
before in magazines, books and the internet.
where are those pictures when you need them?
This iron bed is from Anthropologie.
(which by the way is
a dream of a place---
but super duper expensive.
I just recently went
inside of that store in
Salt Lake City
--for the very first time--
and loved pretty much
My daughter needs
to get a job there!)
The bed is $2498.00!

That's a planter on the edges.

Look at this cute one.
You can find it here.
This adorable one is from 
It's only $99.00
I know this because we have one in our basement
tv room and I LOVE it.
We are making a craft/office room
(because daughter #1 moved out)
and we have an extra mattress
so I wanted another day bed.
Well, I wanted another one of these because:
1. The price is right.
2. It IS adorable.
3. If we ever move and I have another guest room,
I can put two of these in one room.
How cute will that look!
Very cute.
4. I want to keep our first one where it is.
5.  Jeff said yes.

This is the one (from Ikea) in our basement.
I really do LOVE it.
This one came from here
I'm not sure how much it is
but I think they sold it.
How darling is that!
This one came from here:
How amazing is this one
AND this shop is in New Zealand.
This adorable one is from:


Another cute one from:
 This one is from here,
very very sweet.

There are so so many cute ones out there.

For now the Ikea one will have to do.
 Jeff needs to put the bed together
(we just got it last night).
The sewing machine is up
and ready.
We have had an armoire
for about 16 years
and I painted it black
a couple of years ago
and it's in there too
(I'm filling it up with crafting supplies).
I'm so excited to have a craft room/office
(emphasis on craft---just don't tell Jeff---wink...wink...)!

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