Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flower power.

I took a class tonight 
in Springville 
at the 
Cornwagon Quilt Co.

Marianne Michaels 
taught the class.
It was fun, easy
and look
what I made!
The back of the flower has
a hair clip on it
so you can easily put
it in your hair,
on your purse,
on your clothes,
or whatever of yours you want!
(This cute purse I got in Costa Rica--
how cute is that flower on it now!)
I'm going to make more!
What fun!
The teacher had this amazing book
and I fell in love
(with the book--silly).

It is a lifestyle book,
not one with patterns
and such, but
beautiful fabrics,
inspiring nature,
cool furnishings,
a wonderful house
(which reminds me 
a little of our own house
except ours doesn't have as nice flooring
or as nice furniture
or as nice other stuff.
I guess it's only similar
in my dreams
but ours has just as nice views
or even better.)

The book is beautiful.
I can't wait to curl up
and read all of it!

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

I would pick this up in a snap if it was sold in a shop. I collect flower like this, they can go anywhere and on anything. Can you add a pin to it?
I say keep making them...maybe for Etsy? You never know:)