Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 5th of July.

I can't believe I forgot my camera for the parade.
(I took these pictures later in the day
down at the round-a-bout below our house).
I know it's a little strange and I don't understand it myself
but I love a good parade.
And Provo has great parades for July 4th.
Although, this one was on July 5th.
I love the fact that the Freedom Festival works 
around the fact of the occasional July 4th 
that falls on a Sunday.
(We watched spectacular fireworks on Saturday night).
Some of my favorite parts of the parade are:
the veterans---they had a Pearl Harbor survivor, and a WWII veteran.
Yes, they were old but proud as could be
in their uniforms.
There was younger veterans too.
I love the fact that most everyone stands up 
for veterans and claps.
They deserve our praise and respect.
I love when the missionaries walk by too.
All the missionaries of the Provo mission.
That does not include the MTC, by the way.
It just makes me smile.
I love bagpipe bands.
Loud and amazingly good
for how small they are.
There are so many people at these parades it sometimes
gets annoying.
Someone almost ran over my feet with a big stroller.
But for the most part people try to be happy.
It's hot and uncomfortable at times.
But every year I want to go
(we don't always make it). 
After wards, we went to the area where there
are tents set up for performers
and watched a few people sing.
One, a 13 year old daughter of friends
who did an amazing job singing 
her heart out.
Then we went home and took a nap.
After dinner, the three of us
headed down to a park
to throw a frisbee and a boomarang,
we then stopped by Grandparents house,
we got drinks at a gas station,
and grocery shopped.
A pretty great day.

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