Friday, July 9, 2010

New table.

This is part of one side of our basement tv room.
I let Sheyla use this table and chairs for her new cute apartment.
So I had to replace it and quick.
Well, I could have waited longer, but why?
I was taking over the upstairs dining table
with crafts and supplies.
It made the whole house feel and look like a disaster.
Our new craft/office room is downstairs
and I needed an overflow table for projects.
So yesterday I went to DI to find a table.
I found one for $35 dollars!
(That multicolored wall is actually a mosaic that I made on the wall.
With broken pieces of tile--that I broke 
with a hammer
or dropped on the floor.
One day, I may show the whole thing.)
It may not be as nice as the set that was there
but I'm pleased with how sturdy and big the new table is!
I may get a rug or not.
That CAN wait.
I played musical chairs and snatched these out of Davis's room.
I used the bench that I recently painted.
It'll do.


PaigeE said...

I like it. I really, really like those chairs and the coverings for them.

Cheryl G. said...

Thank you!