Friday, July 2, 2010

New pictures.

I took about 20 pictures
and these were the "best" of the bunch.
Why do I look so different in each one.
Well, at least to me, I do.
Some of the pictures were hideous.
And I mean hideous.
I have a big forehead
and a gigantic head.
Really, I'm a freak of nature.
And where did all these wrinkles come from.
I have wrinkles around my lips
(just like my grandma had)!
But I read something
recently that said
that in 10 years you'll look back
and wish 
you were as cute as you
were back "then"
(or something like that
and I might have actually
heard it and not read it
and I think it might
have had to do with
your drivers license picture
or something like that--
still, same concept--
boy, I sound like I'm getting old).
So, this is me being "cute".
 Now, if I could look like I  did 20 years ago...

1 comment:

Millie said...

Oh Cheryl, you're being too harsh with yourself! If you weren't living in Utah, I reckon you could pass for a wild Irish lassie (as they say) - you have the skin & hair colouring that the Irish gals are so famous for.
Millie ^_^