Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frodo is a kleptomaniac.

Sweet tiny Frodo
takes up a collection 
of his things 
and some things
that are NOT his 
(like the sandals, socks, glove
and a couple of toys he took from Addie)
and places them
on this strip of carpet.
After we got home last night
he had three more socks
and one pine cone.
Those little round objects
are rocks.
We should have called him Floppy.
He's so very curious.
He LOVES everyone.
He's goofy.
Does that not look like a goofy grin!
It's hard for him to stay still for a picture.
Doesn't he look quite pleased with himself
like he's trying to show us how innocent he really is!
So Cute!

1 comment:

Uska B Hope said...

What a naughty and delicious!

Uska Hope