Wednesday, June 22, 2011

35 weeks old.

I was in a rush
and she wasn't cooperating
with picture taking
I'm just not quick enough
she had plenty of smiles).
I had things to do 
and she just wanted to play 
with everything
(she crawled after the dogs
and they ran away.
Oh she was soooo cute).
I was babysitting
and she didn't realize it
and was happy anyway
(she laughs at most of my jokes
well most of my funny faces and goofy sounds).
I was trying to get out the door
(I was going to meet Britni somewhere)
and she didn't know it
and didn't care
(she was so much fun).
 We finally got out the door
and she was happy
or asleep the whole time.
First time in ages
 I took a baby any where.
We both had fun!
That little girl makes me so happy!


Cheryl G. said...

I re-read what I wrote and realized that I originally wrote the last part saying it was the first in a long while that I took a baby anywhere and either one of us didn't survive. Or something crazy like that. Of course that was just a grammatical error.
Silly me!

Kim K. said...

I knew exactly what you meant. Those cheeks are amazingly addictive.