Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fighting flat feet.

This poor kid.
This is the biggest reason there was such urgency 
in going to the Henry Mountains
for this kid to be able to gold pan.
He has such bad flat feet
that we finally agreed for him to have 
the surgery
after much debate,
prayer and breath holding.
We've been putting it off for years.
We had a sports medicine doctor
recently say that if he didn't
have the surgery it would be
a matter of him not being able 
to walk in 10 years.
He was so brave.
He is petrified of needles.
It will be a long eight week recovery.
He hopes to go gold panning
as soon as possible.
He asked if it were possible
if he could be a gold panning prodigy.
If he wants to be.

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Kim K. said...

Poor baby! I hope his recovery goes well and speedy quick.