Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pizza, again...

Remember this post?
Well, I still love it.
I made pizza tonight.
All those vegetables looked so yummy to me.
And they were.

Today, I took Davis to Summer School.
It takes much longer to get a kid, all his school stuff
and a wheelchair 
into a car
than I thought.
Not unlike getting a baby,
car seat and all the rest of the baby stuff
into a car.

After getting him into the class
(after pushing him,
lifting the chair
and pushing him some more),
getting him settled
and talking with the teacher,
I left and got a drink of water
with a large cup of ice.
If I can't have a diet Pepsi,
I might as well get the ice to crunch.
I then went to the city center
and parked and walked for nearly an hour.
I listened to my i-pod
and almost thought to fist pump into the air
to some rousing music.
I thought better of it,
imagining me looking like some crazy or homeless lady
which made me smile and nearly giggle.

I then went to the library
and sat and tried to read
but I was distracted by all the EMT's that were tending
to one of the librarians.
She apparently tripped and fell 
into the sink.
My phone rang.
I was summoned by one of the teacher's aides.
 Davis was hurting and wanted me to come to the school.
Which is exactly why I hung out so close to the school.
It was only 10:15 am.

I remember being physically and emotionally drained
taking care of Davis after his bike accident.
It's very much like that.

(It's not as bad as all that.
I'm just trying to keep it real).


Kim K. said...

I'm exhausted reading about your morning duties. I pray that his recovery is speedy.

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks yummy! I'm not sure my brood would go for it but I'm all in :)
Have you thought about getting books on your iPod to listen to as you walk? I love it (but use my iPhone - and a library App so I don't actually have to pay for the books). Not sure if it would work for you but thought I'd throw that out there in case you were looking for something different.
So impressed by what you do every day!
Melissa P

Cheryl G. said...

Thank you both for your kind words.
Melissa-when I was at the library I saw a sign that said something about e-books. I have an i-pad and have some books but to be able to borrow them too! What a great concept! So I went today and signed me up.
Please don't be too impressed. I see all the things I don't do every day. It's easy to put things on here that I actually do. But it is super nice of you to say and for that I thank you!
Just me.
Cheryl G.