Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Britni!

10 Things about Britni:
1.  Britni is an amazing photographer.
She has started taking engagement, wedding and reception 
(and family)
photos and she is so good at it all.
2. Britni makes her own patterns for fabric wallets.
They are darling and
people love them.
3. Britni has always been very determined.
Some school work in her life
hasn't been easy.
But she works hard at everything in her life.
She amazes me.
4. I love to hear Britni sing.
Britni has always wanted to sing.
She even took voice lessons and sang in school.
She sings like an angel.
5. Britni can even play some songs on the piano
with sheer determination.
She's never taken lessons
(she took dance and singing lessons
and had other interest)
but there are some songs 
that she can play really well.
6. She was chosen to play Juliet 
for her 10th grade year
(her first year of high school).
She is amazing.
She is such a talented actress 
and can memorize 
lines like I've never seen.
7.  Britni is loving and thoughtful.
Not that long ago,
there was a woman that she knew
that broke both of her arms
(or was it both of her legs?)
but had a baby 
which made it difficult to care for her.
Britni went over to help her change the baby's diaper
and help care for her for awhile.
She has always been very thoughtful
when she gives me gifts.
It warms my heart.
8.  Britni didn't plan on getting married young
but she did and she chose well.
They are one of the cutest
married couples you've ever seen.
9.  She worked hard last year
at a very difficult job
so her husband could finish 
his bachelors degree.
She is now so happy 
to once again go to college.
10.  She deserves to be happy!

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