Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out and about and snapping photos (with my phone).

Last week I went on a school field trip with Davis.
I saw this and squealed!
This made me so happy.
I had a 1974 tan Super Beetle
(which I loved)
when I was a cute young thing.
I thought it made me cooler than I actually was
but since I have always thought of myself as a big gigantic dork
it only raised my cool factor a little.
But this car really would have made me one cool chick
(although I don't think I ever said chick
back then).
I went to a Floral shop today
and saw this adorable thing.
Too bad it's nearly $200!
My heart sank.
They were asking $1000
for this beautiful piece.
I have just the place to put it.

Of course, I didn't get either one.
Sometimes, it's fun just to look.

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

My girls are addicted to finding VW bugs when we are driving around. They would have loved this car. I would have loved exploring antiques with you!