Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finished Bat Boy!

One of the many sites I follow is a blog from a very talented artist. She not only paints such wonderful paintings and makes amazing prints from art she makes she also makes adorable embroidery patterns (some she sells and she has a free pattern every month). She is one of my favorites!
Here is her link.
I started and finished this adorably cute little Bat Boy yesterday. I am making him into a pillow to give to a friend. I used bandana's that we got to use as pom poms to welcome home Sheyla (we couldn't find pom poms at 10:00 on a Saturday night and I found these Halloween bandanas at Walmart). So I cut them up to use for the pillow!
She has other patterns I want to make along with the other patterns I got from these other great sites! I went and bought the most thin batting I can find (to put behind the white material. I have some muslin and last week I bought two white cotton curtains from DI for $3.00 (for both) JUST to make such cute things....Christmas is coming and I want to make some for other gifts too.
I have put these two other favorite blogs that I have got patterns from on here before, but I will do it again.
Here is a blog of an artist that takes pictures of amazing vintage finds and fantastic places and she gives free embroidery patterns too.
Here is another favorite blog that gives free embroidery patterns. Sadly, she is taking a break from blogging for awhile. She is amazing too! You still should check her out!

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