Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday lunch and peace and quiet.

I walked out of my bedroom door and looked out these windows and it took my breath away.

We had Sunday lunch. We had 24 people total. No pictures because I didn't even THINK about it!
Things were cleaned and put away. Most everyone had gone. The house was mostly quiet.
These two newlyweds fell asleep on the couch upstairs. Cute.

Some of the kids chose to watch tv downstairs.

This return missionary spoke at church and did an excellent job. Very sweet. That is why we had so many people over for lunch. They came to hear her speak at church and to celebrate her return. We LOVE having her home. Her boyfriend, of course, came over for lunch. They too, ended up watching tv downstairs. They first watched a stupid movie. Then they watched The Office (last weeks episode was the funniest one EVER).
It was nice to hear so much laughter.

Davis doesn't know how to relax. Having a guitar and trying to play is the closest he can get. He likes having a full house once again. It just won't stay full, for long.

Jeff hurt his back last week. Badly. He is trying to rest his back.
It was nice to have some peace and quiet after a great family/friend lunch.

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