Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Regarding "The Invention of Lying"

I saw the movie "The Invention of Lying" the other night. I DON'T recommend it.
I love watching movies. I see a lot of movies. We buy a lot of movies. We rent a lot of movies.
This movie might as well be called:  If you believe in God, you are an idiot OR The invention of lying started with the first person who talked about God and then everything that came after that.
It's not beyond Hollywood (or anyone else that makes movies) to have more than entertainment as their motivation or secondary goal when making a movie. For example:  The proliferation of smoking years ago when cigarette companies wanted people in movies to smoke, trying to make them look glamorous or cool.
I only saw the previews for this movie. I hadn't read ANY thing about this movie before going. So it's my own fault for even staying and watching all of the show. Sometimes, I can be an idiot too.
I have seen Ricky Gervais in u-tube clips at award shows and interviews. He's brilliant and funny. I LOVE the US version of The Office (he is an executive producer). I also liked "Ghost Town" even though it had two offensive F words. I was hoping that this movie would be entertaining as well. Well, it WAS entertaining but it was flat out offensive and I think it meant to slap the faces of all those who believe in God (I also saw a clip that Mr. Gervais admitted that he was an atheist but that wouldn't stop me from liking him or his movies).
This movie used many of the arguments people use in stating their unbelief in a God. Such as: If their is a loving God then why would he allow for so many deaths from natural disasters and illness.  That believing in God is just like a fairy tale to make the person feel better. Etc. Etc. Etc.
This movie mocked the ten commandments. It mocked prophets. It mocked people of faith. It mocked God.
I SHOULD have walked out within the first five minutes of this show. There have been some movies that I HAVE walked out because it was so offensive. There have been movies where I WISH I had walked out early. This is one of them! I don't always know when to say when and I am saying NOW that I don't recommend this movie.

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