Tuesday, November 17, 2009


While I was looking for sandpaper yesterday to work on prepping my bathroom, I found a bunch of old pictures. Sheyla was a baby in these pictures and she is 22 years old now. We have been in this house for 9 years and that is about the last time I've seen these pictures. I know, not a good place to put pictures....

My maternal grandparents had taken Jeff, Sheyla and I to Goblin Valley. But on the way to Goblin Valley is a geyser! They knew where it was and took us there. I LOVE geysers! How cool are they!
Here is a true story about this same geyser:  about 13 years ago I wanted to take the kids to Goblin Valley but Jeff traveled A LOT, so I asked my Dad to come with us. I remembered this same Geyser and wanted the kids to see it. So I figured out about where it was. It is now on private property. Well, when we first drove up I happened on the owner and asked permission to see it. He said yes. So we drove around and got out and we started walking to see it. I saw the geyser in the distance and I started running like a fool, so excited to see it in it's majesty. As we were running, we saw this little car crazily driving up to us. The same man jumped out of the car and started yelling at us saying he didn't say we could go up close to it and said other not so nice words. He also threatened to call the police. I stood there stunned. The kids were petrified. I told him I thought we had permission. He went into a tirade of how the government took the property away from his family and how looters come and steal things and put things down the geyser hole. "How would I like if someone walked through my living room?" I apologized and explained that I thought we had permission. He said he only gave permission for us to go to the gate and see it from a distance. We left as quickly as possible. Dad and I joked about it during the trip. On the way home we also suggested we stop by and see it again. All the kids screamed, "NO!" All of them remember it too.

Goblin Valley is amazing! Those years later when I took the kids, they had SO much fun! We climbed and climbed and had a blast as we had our adventure around Goblin Valley!

We had way too many scenic pictures and not enough of the people!
Look how adorable Sheyla was as a baby!
I have other pictures too that I will share later!

I did go to the Dermatologist who took a biopsy of something on my arm, right below where I had a melanoma just last year. It was very small, so that is good. Hopefully, it is nothing. I'll find out not soon enough.
I did work on my bathroom but not much.
I didn't make the soup (I will tonight). Davis and I had left over lasagna.
Jeff helped with Family Home Evening.
I didn't do as much as I wanted but that's just the way things go sometimes....

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