Monday, November 30, 2009

One down...

We are having an Open House January 2, for Chris and Amanda. Which is two weeks after their wedding because they are having a reception in Idaho the day of their wedding.
What was I thinking?
I was thinking:  it could work out because it's so soon after the holidays, not as many people may even come. It could be more intimate, cozy and casual.
What I wasn't thinking:  the projects just keep multiplying (we had a plumbing/heater disaster yesterday, major water leaking in our storage room),  it's so soon after Christmas, and many many people would be walking through my house.
Hopefully, what will happen:  many people will come to celebrate two sweet people getting married, people won't really notice all the things wrong with the house (and if they do then too bad), and Chris and Amanda will feel loved.

Last week I was sick and unable to accomplish much of anything. I am now working on different projects without full regard of the importance of each project. Such as this cute little kids kitchen cabinet. I wanted to paint it and so Saturday night I did. Some people will hang out downstairs so I want that room cute too (we are going to have a video of pictures of the two of them playing in the tv room).
I worked a little on the hall bathroom (still not finished but getting closer).
I want to make some Christmas gifts.
We may get a new stove and counter tops (I would LOVE new flooring too but that isn't possible) and new counter tops would be so amazing.
I bought some cute green fabric to redo pillows and chairs upstairs (the bird has ruined the pillows and if I redo the pillows I have to change the matching material on the chairs but I get to use my staple gun!).
Now, Davis is sick and time is ticking away quickly, once again...

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